QRM vs Lean

First of all: Lean and QRM don’t exclude each other.

On the contrary, the experience of QRM Management Center is that they can enhance each other. QRM contains principles and cooperates very good with the tools that are applied with Lean Manufacturing (for more information take a look at www.business-improvement.eu). An important difference between QRM and Lean is that lean is striving for a continuous rhythm and the reduction of local production wastes, whereas QRM is more order driven and focusses on the reduction of companywide lead times. Another difference is that Lean focusses mainly on the work floor and is suitable for processes with a stable demand whereas QRM focusses on the complete organisation and is mostly suitable in a situation with high variance and low volume where demand is less stable.

lean vs qrm plaatje

Where Lean tools focus on the activities where the product is being handled (touch
time), and especially on direct labour, QRM focusses on the in between waiting
times. A combination of Lean and QRM thus is only strengthening.