QRM is the answer

geld qrm is het antwoord

QRM is the abbreviation for Quick Response Manufacturing and is a company strategy where quick response to supply and demand of both external partners  (customers, suppliers, etc.) as intern partners (purchasing, sales, production, assembly, administration, marketing, innovation, etc.) is the central item. QRM is about a quick reaction to changes in the market. The main starting point of QRM is that when internal and external reaction times can be decreased, the total lead time of the company processes can be reduced.

Get rid of the traditional, limited efficiency thinking

Traditional improvement trajects, who want enhance the profit and sustainability of the organisation, point primarily on those parts of the company where the most value is added in the production process (for example: yes assembly, not sales, not purchasing, not planning, not administration, not shipping ). The thought is that on those places ‘we earn the most’ , and besides it is very easily measurable. Those projects lead to the situation that the pressure on those core parts of the company to produce efficient and quick becomes higher and higher. With all due consequences: extra pressure on employees, illness, stress, extra planning and control, extra bureaucracy, and extra costs.

System thinking and time thinking in the center with QRM

With QRM system thinking (instead of limited local thinking ) and time thinking (instead of cost thinking) are placed central. With QRM the emphasis lies on interventions that lead to time savings in the complete company process. So not only in the production process but in all management and control processes. One of the most important insights of QRM is that becomes transparent how much influence office activities like order entry, purchasing, work preparation etc have on both the complete lead time as on the definite cost price of the product.