QRM Concepts

qrm QRM is a company strategy with the goal to optimise the company results by increasing the reaction speed and the flexibility of the organisation. With QRM it’s all about time. Read more >>
Krachtvan6 eng. To get insight in the financial results of QRM, a study has been perfomed by the founder of QRM, prof. dr. Rajan Suri, in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, to the relationship between the reduction of lead time and the reduction of costs. From this study, the ‘Power of Six-rule’ originated.  Read more >>
LittlesLaw Significantly reducing lead times has a number of important consequences.
The Work-in-process (WIP) will reduce directly proportional with the reduction of the lead time. Little’s law shows what this means for your organisation. Read more >>
SystemDynamics In a system that is full, the elements in that system will start influencing each other at a certain moment, they will call for a reaction. Understanding how this works, or better, understanding how you can avoid this is of the
utmost importancy to reduce the MCT. A highway with traffic is a good comparison to explain system dynamics. Read more >>
POLCA POLCA stands for Paired-cell Overlapping Loop of Cards with Authorization and is a material management system which is based on liberated capacity in the next operating step. Read more >>
Q-ROC Within Lean manufacturing we know the concept of working cells. These are applied on the work floor and can offer big advantages. What we don’t see very often are working cells in the offices. With QRM it is usual to create
cells for the office operations, sometimes even combined with work from the work floor. We call these Quick Response Office Cells (Q-roc). Read more >>
QRMcells A QRM-working cell is an area where different operations are aggregated in a compact way. So no functional structure, but a structure based on a process and a product(group) flow. These can be formed both on the work floor as in the offices. Read more >>
ftms To perform a good QRM implementation you have to start with a market segment where there are possibilities for a strategy based on quick response. We call this the TMS (Target Market Segment). Read more >>
mct To avoid confusion at QRM about the concept of lead time, a clear definition consists: The MCT or Manufacturing Critical-path Time. Read more >>