What is QRM?

QRM stands for Quick Response Manufacturing and is a company strategy with the goal to optimise the results of the company by increasing the reaction speed and the flexibility of the organisation. With QRM the only metric is time: It’s about time. A successful implementation of QRM means that you have gained time in  – and especially between –  all phases of a process (from order entry until the delivery). QRM leads to a drastic lead time reduction in the complete chain. It makes working faster and smarter.

QRM is about time

QRM arranges that lead times are reduced in all company processes, both internally and externally. Internally is about the reduction of internal lead times on the shop floor and in the office so the internal reaction speed can be increased. Externally is about the quicker and more effective reaction on customer demands and smarter communication with the suppliers, so that products can be designed and delivered quicker and on the basis of customer specific questions.

A QRM implementation starts with the creation of awareness that the reduction of time is the key to success. Especially now. Especially in these turbulent times where everything is about a fast and effective reaction on changing markets. QRM helps you to react effectively and it takes care of your further growth and getting stronger.


Fast times demand high reaction speed

The times are changing and they are changing ever faster. New products and product developments succeed each other ever faster because of the enormous offer of products and services. On the Internet it becomes easier for people to find the products that match exactly their specific individual wishes and needs. So-called customised I-products and me-services are more popular than ever.

Modern ambitious producers and service providers will have to act upon this individualisation of the market demand. Mass production and quantum rebates don’t belong in our times any more. In our 21st century for more and more product groups it’s about on-demand manufacturing (the process only starts when the actual order is received), about customized producing (every produced product is unique), about ‘pimping’ (every mass product is changed into something unique) and about collectors items (a product is more appealing when it is scarse or unique). Products and services are offered in more and more variants and versions.

This all means for producers and service providers that there are more and more new challenging markets where you have to produce in relatively low numbers and relatively high variation. Modern organisations thus have to be equipped in a way that they can produce demand driven, quick and in a very variable way.  You ask, we deliver and it’s ready while you wait.  That is the challenge for a modern organisation. QRM is designed to successfully take up this challenge.