QRM Simulatiespel

The QRM Game: The first in the world!

The QRM management center has developed the first QRM Simulation Game in the world, in which the participants can experience the effects of QRM themselves. In the game, the most usual company functions like inside sales, purchasing, work preparation, planning, production, assembly quality checks, expedition and invoicing, have been incorporated. The organisation is asked to deliver a mix of standard and customer specific planes. Based on spent hours, used materials and realised turnover, we calculate whether a profit or a loss has been made.

In the first round, we only produce standard planes. This round knows little variation in models and there will be a functional organisation. Focus is on costs. The second round has more than 50 variables (specials with different operating times), wherby the organisation is set up in cells. Focus is on lead time. Between the rounds the theory of QRM will be explained and there will be a discussion over possible improvements. After each round, the profit or loss will be calculated, as will be ther performance indicators, like delivery performance, lead time and quality.

After the game, the background of QRM will be explained, with a feedback to the results of the game.

 What will you do with the simulation game?

  • Experience what QRM can do to your organisation;
  • Get acquanted with the base concepts of QRM;
  • learn how to apply QRM;
  • Recognise QRM as a strategy for transparance;
  • realise what QRM brings in terms of company result and
  • learn to focus on causes instead of symptoms.

For whom:

  • For (middle) management
  • For strategy makers

When:         13 december 2013
Where:        Daltonlaan 100, 3584 BJ Utrecht
Costs:         € 150,- per person, excl. VAT

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