QRM Pocket edition

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Developments in our society and the needs of the customer force companies to organise themselves around the ever faster changing customer needs. Is your process characterised by a big variation in products or services? Are your batches small, or getting smaller over time? And is the routing in your organisation different with every product? Than Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is the solution to streamline your processes. Just like Lean Manufacturing, QRM has a very strong focus on the elimination of waste. Beside that, QRM offers the possibility to connect customer specific questions with a lot of variability to lead time reduction. How? Through a very clear focus on the reduction of lead time in combination with the improvement of cooperation in the complete manufacturing chain. This is realised through the forming of cells, reduction of traffic jams in your process and involving all disciplines in your organisation. The result is a flexible, waste-free organisation which can react quickly on the ever faster changing customer demands.

The authors
Hans Gerrese and Eric Hengst both have a very long background in process improvement, originated on the work floor. This was initiated by Lean Manufacturing and the Theory of Constraints. In 2006 they came into contact with QRM, and they saw that QRM was the solution for those companies who lack a massproduction. After 7 years of gaining experience in teaching, training and implementing QRM in organisations, they publish with this small handy pocket book a unique and useful reference guide about QRM. We hope it will prove to be useful in your application of QRM.

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