QRM Register

QRM Register CThe QRM Register® monitors the quality of the courses and guarantees the correctness of the issued certificates.

Quality assurance of the QRM Register® lies in the hands of the Advisory Board of QRM Courses.

QRM Advisory Board

The QRM Advisory Board consists of experienced QRM Specialists  (Prof. dr. Rajan Suri and dr. Vincent Wiegel) who both nationally and internationally stood at the cradle of the development of QRM methods and techniques.

The QRM Advisory Board meets at least once a year for a monitoring meeting where the contents and the exams of the Alpha, Bèta and Gamma courses and the performed assignments and case implementations are reviewed.

Every member of the QRM Advisory Board has the right to attend announced or unannounced the training sessions and to evaluate the knowledge and the attitude of the QRM Trainers. Participants who have complaints about their course can reveal their complaints to the Advisory Board.

For more information about the QRM Advisory Board, complaint procedures or the monitoring system you can contact us.

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