QRM Gamma Specialist

In these turbulent times it is of the utmost importance that organizations can react rapidly and effectively on the occurring changes. The market is moving constantly. Who doesn’t react fast today, can be out of business tomorrow. Organizations have to arm themselves against it by distinguishing themselves through velocity and flexibility. QRM Management Center already notices for years that there is an increasing demand for organisational consultants who can
help organisations in realising these goals. The course for QRM Gamma® Specialist was originated to fullfill these needs and to educate people both in a theoretical and in a practical way, in hard and in soft skill to be able to spread the knowledge.


Contents QRM Gamma® Program

This course consists of 15 sessions. Every three weeks a session will be held to train the participants on topics of hard skills and soft skills. Besides visits wil be held at the organisations of the participants to show and share the ins and outs of QRM in practice.

During the training sessions there will be attention for the proceedings of implementations at the participants.

Focus during this course will be on skills to train other people.

For whom is this course?

bullet For managers who want to implement QRM in their own organisation.
bullet For external consultants. 


In our QRM Trainingscentre and at the companies you will be trained by trainers who have extensive knowledge and proven track record in the implementation of QRM.


After following the course of QRM Gamma® Specialist the participant scan initiate a QRM project, and independently perform a QRM implemntation. They also have the skills to train other people on the field of QRM, and coach QRM Beta® Specialists. A QRM Gamma® Specialist will also have a specialism in one of the areas of QRM.


The participants will have to prove the following results:

  • In the primary process (production), a QRM number of at least 500 (4 points) and
  • In the secundary process (offices) a QRM number of at least 500 (6 points)


Every participant will have to pass the exam to get certified.

Contact us for more information and the latest course times or call us: +31 13 542 63 32.

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