QRM Bèta Specialist

After receiving the grade of QRM Alpha® Specialist you can apply for the next level: QRM Bèta® Specialist. This level focusses on the implementation of QRM in the own organisation. Participants can successfully finish this course when they prove that by implementing QRM in an organisation, they have realised a significant reduction in lead time (indicated by a decrease in MCT). Besides the participants need to pass an exam regarding the theory and methods on Bèta level.


Short description QRM Bèta® Specialist

You will be trained by trainers who have excessive experience in the implementation of QRM. Beside the session in a trainings center, you will also be supported twice individually on site by the trainers.

Name Certified QRM Bèta® Specialist
Demande pre-course QRM Alpha® Specialist
Duration ca. 1 year
Number of sessions 10
Support Per participant 2x a half day support on site for the implementation of QRM
Certification Throughrealisation of QRM number of 250 in primary process, 200 in secundary process or 150 in the supply chain. Besides passing a theory exam
Registration Inclusion in the official QRM Register®
Sequel QRM Gamma® Specialist
Costs participation € 3.250,-
Costs (re)exam € 175,-
Costs inclusion in register € 100,-

Contents QRM Bèta® Specialist

This course consists of 13 sessions. Every month one session of a half day will be held, containing both hard skills and soft skills topics. During the sessions there will be much attention for the proceedings of the implementation at the participants with their successes and problems. Besides every session has its own topic:

  • Simulation Games
    The use of simulation games to be able to explain the working of QRM in practice.
  • QRM-plan
The preparation of an implementation plan in your own company.
  • Soft skills
Part 1: The importance of changing behavior at the implementation of QRM.
  • Sales, engineering and product development
    The importance of sales and New Product Introduction (NPI) within QRM and how to deal with it.
  • Supply Chain 1
    Purchase Plan, supplier assessment.
  • Supply Chain 2
    Vendor rating.
  • NLP
    Dealing with non-verbal communication.
  • QRM and Finance
    Determining of real costs in the QRM environment and financial reporting.
  • Soft Skills
    Part 2: The importance of changing behavior at the implementation of QRM.
  • Wrap-up and cover specific topics as needed.

For whom is this course?

  • Managers who wish to implement QRM in their own organisation.
  • For external consultants and advisors.
  • For facilitators of QRM projects.


All partisipants have the assignment to implement QRM in their own organisation. The proceedings and questions will be dealt with during the sessions.

Support in practice

Every participant is entitled tot wo half days of support from the trainers on site, who can help with the implementation of QRM.

Group structure and size

The structure of the training group will be in a way that there is a good mix of participants to have a certain balance. No more than two participants from one organisation will be admitted. Maximum number of participants is 10.

Every participant will receive:

  • A workbook;
  • Sheets for each session in PDF format;
  • Publications concerning QRM;
  • Other necessary resources and documents for implementation.


The participant need to be able to show one of the following results:

  • In the primary process (producion), a QRM number of at least 250; or
  • In the secondary process (offices), a QRM number of at least 200; or
  • In the Supply Chain, a QRM number of at least 150.


The exam will be a case description of your own QRM implementation, combined with an increase in QRM number within your organisation.


The participant will be certified when:

  • Participation in at least eight sessions;
  • Obtaining one of the above numbers QRM;
  • Submitting the implementation report.

Inclusion in QRM Register®

You, as QRM Beta® Specialist, can be included in the official QRM Master Register®. This register monitors the quality of training and guarantees the accuracy of certificates issued.

For acurate course times contact us: Call +31 13 542 63 32.

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