QRM Alpha Specialist

Brief description of QRM Alpha® Course

In 10 sessions, the participants will become familiar with the concepts, theories, principles and methods that form the basis of QRM. Also attention will be paid to the application of QRM Principles and techniques in practice. Participants learn through testimonials what it means to implement QRM in an organisation. Knowledge is tested through a written exam, and a business case is use to see whether the theory can be applied in practice.  QRM-alpha-2  


After the certification for QRM Alpha ® Specialist the participant is theoretically grounded to independently initiate a QRM project and to execute the analysis phase of a QRM implementation. In addition, he / she can do projects under the guidance of a QRM Gamma Specialist or support at QRM implementations. Furthermore, this is the step to take before attending the QRM Beta® Specialist education. All these courses are part of the QRM Master® program.

Name Certified QRM Alpha® Specialist
Needed Precourse University Level
Duration 3 months
Number dayparts 10
Support Individual Support at the performance of assignments
Certification After attending min. 80% of classes, passing the exam and succesfull performing the assignments
Registration Inclusion in the official QRM Register®
Sequel QRM Beta® Specialist
Costs participation € 2.495,-
Costs (re)exam € 175,-
Costs inclusion in register € 100,-

Contents QRM Alpha® Specialist

10 sessions (of 1 daypart) followed by a written exam with the following topics:

  • Power of time Introduction into QRM, the necessity caused by the 21st century market and the power lead-time reduction.
  • Organizational Structure Restructuring to a compact organization  by cells with fewer and faster transfers.
  • System Dynamics Understanding of waiting times occurred by high utilization of the ‘system’ and how can knowledge of system dynamics help to keep the orders flowing.
  • Company-wide approach Importance of addressing processes across the whole organization including the supply chain.
  • Soft skills Importance of soft skills such as behavior, attitude and mindset in the introduction of QRM.
  • Implementation Explanation of the proved roadmap for QRM implementation in an organization. Presentation and explanation of an experienced customer how he implemented QRM in his business.
  • FTMS Explain what FTMS is, how to determine the right segment and where to take care for.
  • Job Mapping and MCT How do you execute in an effective way a Job Mapping of a process? How to get to the critical values ​​and how to make a (MCT) Manufacturing Critical Path Time chart?
  • Soft skills Importance of soft skills such as behavior, attitude and mindset when implementing QRM.
  • Lean Manufacturing and QRMWhat is Lean Manufacturing? Treatment of Lean Tools. Where are Lean and QRM complementary to each other and which are the differences?

For whom?

  • For managers who want to work with QRM within their company
  • For facilitators of QRM implementations
  • For external consultants

Participants preferably have experience with Lean or other improvement philosophies (university level).


The QRM Alpha students will be trained by three trainers, two for the hard-skill sessions and one for the soft skill sessions. The trainers have strong experience in implementing QRM in practice. During the whole course aspects of communication will be treated. This means that the participants need to perform elevator speeches and mini-trainings.

Homework / cases / literature

Each session the participants have to do some homework and work out practical cases. There should be, so that they can be. Assignments will have to be carried out in the students own environment, so it can be used as case during the next session. In addition, literature will have to be studied with great regularity; such literature will be provided.


During the course we have reserved time for people from companies who have implemented QRM already. They will share their experiences and thoughts regarding an implementation of QRM.

Group structure and size

To have optimal results, the group size will be maximised to 12. Also maximum two people from one company will be admitted in one course.

Every participant will receive:

  • A workbook;
  • Sheets in PDF form of the treated subjects;
  • The QRM Pocket book by QRM Management Center;
  • The book “It’s About Time”  by Dr. Rajan Suri.


The exam consists of two parts:

  • Review of the theory is done by answering in writing a number of  open hard- and softskill questions.
  • Application of the theory is assessed by elaborating a pratical case


You can apply for certification:

  • By attending minimum 80% of the sessions;
  • By performing the given assignments, and
  • By succesfully passing the exam.

For acurate course times contact us: call +31 13 542 63 32. Or click here for the schedule.

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