Do you want to become acquainted with QRM or do you want to discover what QRM can mean for your organisation? Then maybe a QRM workshop, a QRM Masterclass or the QRM Game can be of interest for you.

QRM Introduction workshop (breakfast session)

In this introduction workshop, the most important QRM concepts and principles are treated in an excitatory and imaginatory way. Goal of the workshop is to show you in a nutshell what QRM is about and to let you find out what QRM can mean for you or your company. The workshop is also a very good tool to use at the start of a Customized QRM Solutions Program to introduce QRM to your employees in a quick and effective way. Read more >>

QRM Theme workshop

QRM has four core themes. For every theme, we have a workshop to teach you in depth what the essence of the theme is, if needed with a connection to your own company situation. In every workshop we take a companywide approach of QRM Solutions where not only hard skills (techniques) are important but also the soft skills (behaviour). We will show you the theory, and how that is applied in practice. Read more >>

QRM Simulation Game

The QRM Management Center has developed as the first in the world a real QRM Simulation Game, where you can experience the power of QRM in a process. We will show you the difference between a traditional company and a QRM company, not by telling you stories, but by letting play a game for yourself. Read more >>

QRM Masterclass

Every now and then the QRM Management Center organises a Masterclass to teach you the ins and outs of a certain aspect of QRM. Regularly these Masterclasses are given by the founder of QRM, Prof. Dr. Rajan Suri.

Meet the QRM expert

The QRM Management Center organised the QRM introduction workshop and QRM simulation game by which you could experience QRM in several ways. The QRM Management Center also makes it possible to meet the QRM experts within their own organisation. Visit a site and ask questions about the possibilities and the implementation of QRM. Read more >>