FTMS (Focused Market Target Segment)

It is important to make a good and clear choice of the area where we want to make a start with the implementation of QRM. A lot of companies have fallen into the trap to want too much at once and start with a pilot which is too broad. In such a case a lot of people are working a very long time on a lot of issues and the result is that nothing has changed really and the process comes to a halt. Then QRM is doomed and your chance to change is over.

So the pilot needs to be a delimited and well described part of the operation. It is usual to start looking at your market.

  • Start with exploring the market segments where you find possibilities for a strategy based on quick response. The “market” both can be an external as an internal customer who demands shorter response times. We call this the TMS (Target Market Segment).
  • Find out what the product is of this segment. A product of office processes can be an offer to a customer, a purchase order to the supplier or a work order which is given to production. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical product. It can also be a service. You will see that the office process of the product is very long and consists of many steps.
  • Next find out if part of this product can be realised with less or more simple steps. In other words don’t make it too big, bring focus.
  • Repeat this process until you find a part that is really worth to focus on. Then we have an FTMS (Focused Target Market Segment).

This process to determine the FTMS needs to be executed by a cross functional group who exists of people from marketing and sales, the concerned offices, engineering, purchasing, production and other relevant functions. Reason for this is that the brainstorming to come to good FTMS is the basis for success of your Q-ROC. The result of this process is an FTMS.

You will find more information about FTMS in appendix B of the book ‘It’s About Time’.